Surgical simulators


Simulation has become an essential learning instrument for medical residents who want to improve their skills in performing laparoscopic, endovascular, neurological and obstetrical and gynecological procedures. 

Sormedica offers surgical simulators made by CAE Healthcare, a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. They provide the opportunity to develop your skills in a virtual reality environment, by using realistic surgical tools and receiving feedback that imitates the sensation of human tissue and resistance. In order to present trainees with comprehensive and objective evaluations, every simulator records their hand movements and other activity indicators.

NeuroVR Surgical Simulator

Virtual reality systems monitor the movements of trainees and guarantee accurate feedback. Easily configured platforms are user-friendly, and every trainee can choose from a wide range of possible scenarios. Thanks to the most modern surgical simulators, trainees can learn how to perform various invasive laparoscopic, endoscopic, open-scull, cardiologic and arthroscopic procedures.

CathLaBVR surgical simulators