Surgical Microscopes

Surgical Microscopes

We provide surgical microscopes of Leica Microsystems, which are exactly geared to the requirements of microsurgery.  A compact optical unit delivers clear and sharply focused images and the modular system gives the surgeon optimum maneuverability.

Premium surgical microscope Leica M530 OHX

Stay focused through every step of every surgery with the support of the Leica M530 OHX. Exclusive FusionOptics technology combined with advanced optics and TriFluoro – three integrated fluorescence modes – enable you to focus on every critical detail. The fully ergonomic design helps you and your team to achieve comfortable working positions and avoid physical discomfort. Whether performing delicate neurosurgery, or complex reconstructive microsurgery, you remain focused on delivering optimal results for your patient.

By the way, when you require additional visual information, for example from endoscope or IGS system, opt for the CaptiView image injection module.

Ease of use and fast, effortless positioning in a compact, integrated design - the Leica OHX stand supports your surgical workflow and responds to the demands of your Operating Room.

  • Long reach with substantial overhead clearance.
  • Compact footprint to maximize OR space.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • User-friendly touch-screen graphical interface plus surgeon overview screen above the optics carrier.
  • Extremely quiet to avoid distraction.
  • Easy to access for servicing.

FusionOptics - the groundbreaking technology from Leica Microsystems, unites an enhanced depth of field with high resolution to create an optimal view of the surgical field.

A larger area in full focus also means that there is less need to refocus the microscope which helps to streamline workflow:

The Technology of FusionOptics:

  • Two separate beam paths.
  • One beam path provides depth of field.
  • One beam path provides high resolution.
  • The brain merges the two images to a single optimal spatial image.

More info: Leica M530 OHX

Ophtalmic microscope Proveo 8

The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope provides the exact image you need at each moment of your procedure. Like a precision timepiece every element of the Proveo 8 microscope interconnects and works in perfect synchrony to optimize your view.

Don’t waste time re-adjusting your microscope during anterior or posterior surgery – work interruption-free with the Proveo 8.

  • See more detail without refocusing thanks to FusionOptics technology.
  • Benefit from constant red reflex with CoAx 4 illumination.
  • Just one foot-tap optimizes your view during each surgery phase thanks to pre-programmed settings plus a host of other workflow features.
  • Make better informed decisions, fast by extending your microscope with digital guidance and imaging technologies.

Comfort during surgery can influence your concentration and efficiency. The Proveo 8 has been designed to adapt to your individual physical requirements as well as responding to the space restrictions of your OR.

Choose from a large selection of binoculars and objective lenses to suit the needs of you and your assistant.

Easily achieve an unrestricted, natural working position due to a very long reach of up to 1086 mm.

Crowded or small OR? No problem, the floor stand has a small footprint of only 680 mm x 680 mm and is easily repositioned as needed, while the ceiling mount frees up floor space, and the ceiling telescope mount offers the most compact option.

More info: Leica Proveo 8