Operating Tables

Operating Tables

Sormedica represents Getinge Group, which is a leading global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. getinge employes more than 10,000 people, and has operations in all over the world.

The OR tables and accessories from Getinge are modular, ergonomic and can be used across multiple disciplines. The product portfolio features different kinds of tables that can be configured as required. All OR tables provide optimum solutions in every surgical discipline and for every surgical requirement.


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Operating tables systems

Maquet Otesus Operating Table System

A reliable system that improves workflows and patient safety. Maquet Otesus is the evolution of the proven Maquet Alphamaquet 1150 Operating Table System, that you’ve trusted for more than two decades.

It has continuously been updated to meet the comfort, safety and flexibility requirements of multiple surgical disciplines in the modern OR.

More information: Maquet Otesus

Maquet Magnus Operating Table System

Combining modularity, flexibility and ergonomics.

The Maquet Magnus Operating Table System is the culmination of Getinge’s knowledge, resources and expertise, providing state-of-the art technology for optimized workflows and improved patient safety in the OR.

More information: Maquet Magnus

Mobile operating tables

Maquet Alphamaxx Mobile Operating Table

Mobile universal operating table which offers maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility and maximum comfort.

More information: Maquet Alphamaxx

Maquet Lyra mobile operating table

A versatile table for all-around use.

It’s increasingly important to invest in reliable, multifunctional infrastructure. That’s why Getinge developed the Maquet Lyra Mobile OR Table.

Just one table can meet the needs of most surgical disciplines, and is carbon-fiber accessory compatible for excellent intra-operative diagnostics.

More information: Maquet Lyra

Maquet Meera family of mobile operating tables

High performance, outstanding value. Premium features, affordable price. A universal mobile table for high-quality care.

More information: Maquet Meera

Maquet Betaclassic Mobile Operating Table

High quality in combination with cost efficiency are the hallmarks of Maquet Betaclassic.

More information: Maquet Betaclassic

Maquet Yuno II mobile operating table

Improve outcomes with advanced surgical workflows in orthopedics, traumatology and neurology.

Maquet Yuno II ensures the positioning and access needed to achieve optimum results in open or minimally invasive interventions. The table can be configured for any discipline, increasing your options and maximizing the functionality of your OR. Easy handling ensures that Maquet Yuno II will simplify positioning for even the most complex techniques to help you focus on what’s most important: your patients.

More inforamation: Maquet Yuno II

Workstation for hand surgeons

Sormedica offers an innovative workstation for hand surgeons - PHOENIX 3000 operating table.

PHOENIX 3000 replaces the conventional upper limb surgery table while improving its functionality with an integrated X-ray imaging system.

There is an X-ray source in the support arm above the operating area. The desktop is equipped with an appropriate image retriever against which a patient’s hand is pressed during the intervention.

Thanks to the laser pointing device, the generator with a motor / detector assembly can be precisely aligned with the imaging object.


  • Increased radiation protection with a copper filter.

The integrated copper filter reduces the radiation dose to the skin by up to 30%, while the optimized software algorithm consistently delivers excellent image quality.

Therefore, PHOENIX 3000 is one of the safest X-ray systems suitable for children, according to Standard EN 60601-1-54/203.7.1.

  • Automatic dose rate control (ADRC).
  • Positioning of an imaging object far away from from the x-ray source thanks to the smart design.
  • Dose reduction thanks to built-in copper filter.
  • Consistently high image quality thanks to sophisticated software algorithm.
  • Meets the highest requirements for imaging in children.
  • Allows for optimization of the surgeon’s work process by documenting the intervention.

PHOENIX 3000 is available with digital video camera.

A video camera allows you to document surgical interventions from an external perspective. You can see real-time color images on-screen during an intervention and optionally save individual frames or entire recordings on the system hard drive.

  • Video recording function.

The system includes a feature that allows users to record and save fluoroscopic video sequences.

  • Image Data Export.

The system comes with a built-in USB interface for connecting USB wireless media. This way, you can export individual images and video sequences in TIF or AVI format to external media and view or later process them on any computer.

  • Patient and Imaging Data Management.

All generated still and moving images can be permanently stored on the large internal hard drive of the system. A clearly organized patient and image database allows you to quickly and conveniently retrieve all stored information.

PHOENIX 3000 is available with an image printer capable of producing 9 x 9 cm format printed images on a thermal paper.

  • DICOM interface.

PHOENIX 3000 is available with DICOM interface. The system supports the following DICOM classes:

  • DICOM Worklist for importing patient data from HIS/RIS.
  • DICOM storage for transferring and storing images on a PACS server.
  • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) for generating dose reports.



  • Ergonomic workstation.
  • Quality assurance and enhancement through various control images (e.g. sky image).
  • Surgical work without tension and smooth work process.
  • Retention of sterility as you no longer need to move around the individual imaging unit.
  • Perfectly matched, solid components.


  • No re-positioning required.
  • Less amount of radiation.
  • Shorter duration of anesthesia.
  • Lower risk of infections.


  • Seamless, compact and reliable X-ray system.
  • No need to buy expensive individual pieces of equipment.
  • Better use of OR capability through shorter intervention times.
  • More space in the OR for other essential equipment.
  • Less personnel required as one team of surgeons can work on the system.

More information: PHOENIX 3000